Program Recap: Activate Your Energy Leadership!

“Where the mind goes…energy flows…”

Executive Coach Nicoa Dunne captured her audience’s attention with her positive energy at this month’s SMPS Triangle event.  She began her presentation with a short YouTube clip and asked the audience how they would respond in this situation. Drawing attention to the pause and deep breath the Dad takes in the before he reacts to the situation – Nicoa points out that we all have a Choice  in how we respond to any given situation. “Where the mind goes…energy flows…”

Nicoa personalized her message, making it relatable for each member of the audience. “We all have different stories. No one sees the world around them the same as anyone else. Our energy is based on our story.” She went on to explain that there are two types of energy you can bring to any situation: either catabolic or anabolic. Catabolic energy, although not always bad, can result in negativity and will not always serve you well. Anabolic energy is positive, uplifting, easy, results in growth and allows a connection with those you are interacting with.

The energy that we choose to exert can have a huge impact on our success (or failure) in the workplace, at home, while driving down the road…any and everywhere we go. It even applies in our email writing, phone conversations, and our body language. We are responsible for the energy we bring to a room or conversation. Choosing to respond with anabolic energy allows us to be far more effective, efficient and productive in everything we do! Using this type of energy serves you and doesn’t drain you!

“Energy leadership starts with self.” Nicoa concluded her presentation by challenging us to “step outside of ourselves” – to observe our own actions and attitudes. She recommended “soulful living”:





By taking that pause, just as the Dad did in the YouTube video, we are able to gather our thoughts – make that choice to respond with anabolic energy, better understand ourselves and those we are interacting with, and live accordingly. While this type of living requires practice and a constant effort on our part, when exercised on a constant basis, we will find that we are more energized, effective, and efficient – and we may even rub off on the person next to us!

A big thank you to Nicoa for her engaging presentation and her challenge to live life in such a way that positively affects us and those around us!

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