Member Spotlight

Committee Member Spotlight: Melissa Richards, CPSM

Melissa Richards, CPSM, Marketing Manager – CLH Design, P.A.

Before joining the A/E/C industry 13 years ago, Melissa worked in publishing for Macworld and PC World magazines.  She grew up in a small town in New Jersey and loved that she could walk or bike everywhere.  Bonus, being close to NYC they always had great pizza and bagels!

Since joining SMPS in 2005, Melissa has served in several roles for the Triangle chapter including Co-Chair for the Membership committee.  Currently she is serving on the Communications committee.  She recommends that marketers get involved in the organizations they belong to by joining a committee or the board.  Being involved with SMPS has allowed Melissa to meet so many people within the industry, make great friends and feel good about contributing to such a great organization.  She also suggests taking the time to really learn about your firms’ services by reading industry publications and talking with the technical staff. 

Outside of work Melissa loves spending time with her husband, daughter and their pets.  She also enjoys reading, cooking and going for runs.  A fun fact, Melissa’s cat Duke is 22 years old and she’s known him longer than her husband!