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By: Kim Fowler, CPSM, Marketing Manager, Falcon Engineering

If you haven’t heard about Communiqueso , I suggest you “grab a chip and dig in.” Communiqueso was created by two fellow SMPSers and marketers, Kate Attilio, CPSM and Laura Ewan, CPSM. Their vision was to create a community “to share the people, the voices, and the passion that keep us inspired.” And that they are doing! This is not just a website and podcast with a super catchy title; it’s a place to plug-in, learn something new, and just plain get inspired about the work that we do.

Every Monday, Kate and Laura interview thought leaders… advocates…and downright super cool people about a particular topic – website redesign, start-ups, marketing’s role in the corporate culture, making the transition from marketing to business development – the list goes on. And to top it off, they feature what they call a “Double Dip” later in the week, which focuses more specifically on the interviewer, including how they got to where they are and insights about their personal career development.

What I like most about Communiqueso, is that it’s outside of the box, something new, something fresh – not to mention, you can listen at your desk and get inspired about your work while doing your work! Let’s face it, marketing in the A/E/C industry can be sort of its own little planet among the vast universe of marketing and communications. Kate and Laura have developed something that speaks our language. Go check it out!

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