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Recap: SMPS Southeastern Regional Conference

By: Megan Garrett, Marketing Coordinator, Clark Nexsen
As a first time attendee to SMPS Southeastern Regional Conference, I was blown away by the amount of information presented throughout the conference. From networking to workshops, SERC had so many opportunities to connect with my fellow marketing professionals throughout the region.

Program Recap: Industry Networking Event

Our annual networking event at the AIA NC Headquarters had a great turnout this year. Folks from several different industry organizations attended the event eager to network and hear from Patrick Pettit on the Art and Science of Relational Development.

Thoughts on Work-Life Balance

By: Justine D’Andrea, CPSM, Marketing/Human Resources Manager, Ramey Kemp & Associates
Two years ago I felt I had a pretty good handle on balancing work and life. But, at the beginning of 2015 everything changed; I had a baby girl who was just a few months old and my responsibilities increased at work.

Communiqueso – “the hot, delicious marketing + communications insight you crave.”

By: Kim Fowler, CPSM, Marketing Manager, Falcon Engineering
If you haven’t heard about Communiqueso , I suggest you “grab a chip and dig in.” Communiqueso was created by two fellow SMPSers and marketers, Kate Attilio, CPSM and Laura Ewan, CPSM. Their vision was to create a community “to share the people, the voices, and the passion that keep us inspired.” And that they are doing! This is not just a website and podcast with a super catchy title; it’s a place to …Read More »

Program Recap: Your Doer Seller Mentality! A panel discussion.

We all have a responsibility to bring in new business, whether you’re a business developer, marketer, or a technical professional. This week’s program was all about business development and how the role translates throughout all aspects of your company.

Why join SMPS – A personal perspective.

By: Pat Perkins, Marketing Coordinator, O’Brien/Atkins Associates
When I first became involved with A/E/C marketing, I came in as a temporary substitute for a colleague going on maternity leave. My “real” position was the firm’s corporate Librarian and Records Manager. I knew nothing about marketing much less how to handle SF254s and SF255s (the current day SF330), the “go-no go”, or what “positioning” entailed.
I was slightly aware of SMPS at the time, but my colleague did not introduce me or invite …Read More »

Program Recap: ACTIVATE Your Resources

The beginning of a New Year brings with it a renewed sense of hope, excitement, a resolution for things to be different in the future, CHANGE….Newness and CHANGE go hand-in-hand. As we say hello to 2016, this idea of change is fresh on all of our minds. What will this upcoming year, five years, twenty years hold for me, for my career? How will this year be different than the year before? What can I do differently that will position …Read More »

Member Spotlight: Nikki Ricketson

Nikki joined SMPS shortly after moving to Raleigh in 2013. She currently serves as Co-Chair of the Programs Committee. She has worn a number of different hats during her 15 years in the A/E/C industry – starting as an office manager, then project coordinator, and even accounts payable and receivable until she found her true calling in the business development and marketing world. At PEG, Nikki focuses on marketing, branding, and community involvement.
In addition to SMPS, Nikki has served as Co-Chair …Read More »

Define Success

By: Lynette Sandlin, CPSM
Regional Marketing Manager
Lechase Construction
Not too long ago I was driving home from work and while listening to the radio I heard a commercial from Strayer University. On the commercial, the gentleman was talking about success and how he viewed himself as a successful individual.  But first, he cautioned, you must define the word success because success can come in many forms. What one might consider successful, another may not. So I pose this question, how do you …Read More »

ACTIVATE: The Changing Landscape Photo Gallery

Thank you to moderator Terrence Holt for leading our discussion with panelists Jesica Averhart, Adrienne Cole, Joseph Hopkins, and Bob Geolas! We enjoyed a terrific conversation about growth, development, and the future of the Triangle.
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