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Marketing Assistant/Graphic Designer
Allieway Marketing, Inc.

The items listed below are intended to be a general overview of the Marketing Assistant/Graphic Designer role and cover the major functions & responsibilities of this position. Additional items may be added/removed at the discretion of the President.

1. Project related work once assigned
a. Update website and if applicable social media images posted (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
b. Assist with project management system – including initial task list and updates, add/remove tasks as needed. This should be done regularly so that at any point in time project reviews can be completed.
c. Ensure print instructions are included in all final design files
d. Create designs and sample layouts based on knowledge of layout principles and esthetic design concepts. This includes drawing & printing charts, graphs, illustrations, and artwork utilizing applicable computer software.
e. Mark up and assemble final layouts for review by the President, Client, and/or Printer. Once finalized coordinate necessary timelines and printing expectations with printer.
f. Create and develop proposals for internal and external clients.

2. Client Management, coordination & communication
a. Update any client material as requested
b. Make client deliveries as needed
c. Generating client communications to include thank you letters, form letters for mass mailing, specific client memos/written communications.

3. Vendor relations and coordination
a. Ensure vendors are producing quality product and maintaining cost expectations
b. Coordinate with printer vendor(s) on client material and follow up with deadlines, reviews, and expectations to ensure delivery to client is met on time.

4. Administrative Support
a. Maintain project meetings schedule and minutes
b. Transcribe notes and compose any memos as necessary
c. Prepare press releases and event announcements
d. Update the company website & headlines as needed
e. File Maintenance – ensure all electronic files are up to date and organized based on the established standards
f. Provide general office support as needed to potentially include running errands, coordinating travel, preparing agendas, scheduling appointments, etc.

Education Requirements, Skills & Abilities

1. Excellent written & verbal communication, time management, and organizational skills.
2. Proficiency in technological skills including using computers and operating systems, software and applicable applications (apps) in order to meet job functions & duties. Experience in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
a. Keep up to date on technology and software to apply knowledge to job.
3. Ability to multi task and utilize good judgment when prioritizing responsibilities, analyzing information and evaluating results to develop best possible outcomes for the Company and the Client.
4. Team oriented and excellent interpersonal skills in order to develop and maintain relationships that support the business initiatives and goals.
5. Must have valid driver’s license and have legal requirements/documentation to work in the US.
6. Education and/or combination of experience to perform job duties.

Work Environment & Physical Demands
Work Environment:
• Standard Office Environment 90% of the time
• Vendor and/or Client visits 10% of the time
• Out of town travel for potential or current projects 0% of the time

Physical Demands:
• Some light lifting and periods of standing may be required (boxes from printer, loading/unloading for transport, tradeshow/presentations as needed, etc.)
• Other items to be discussed as necessary

How to apply: Send Resume to

Date posted: December 6, 2018