Key Take-aways from the Summer Bonus Webinar Series on Content Marketing

SMPS’ Triangle Chapter offered a bonus, 3-part webinar series this summer – Prepare to Win: Master Content Marketing (While Juggling 97 Other Tasks) presented by Danielle Gray, MBA, the original “Content Whisperer.”  Danielle believes that incorporating a content marketing plan into your long-term strategic goals provides opportunity to showcase thought leadership, increase validity, and shift client perspectives; resulting in more sales and qualified leads. We couldn’t agree more! The question is how we master content marketing while also managing the expected (and unexpected) tasks of an A/E/C Marketing Professional.

Listed below are just a few of content marketing take-aways from the presentation, and a few practical tips that we can start putting in place today.

  1. Stay at the forefront of your Client’s purchasing journey.

Did you know that 60-90% of the buyer’s journey can be over before the prospect even contacts you? Whether they are conscious of it or not, many of our clients and potential clients are seeking out solutions to their “pain points,” and, with the help of the internet and Google, they can do much of their research and data collecting with the click of a mouse. Keeping this in mind, we as Professional Service Marketers need to be active participants in the online conversation, providing solutions to potential clients before they are picking up the phone or scheduling a meeting. This is where content marketing can play a crucial role in the buying process.

  1. Use the “WHAT?→  SO WHAT? → NOW WHAT?” method to aid in the development of quality content.

Your content will be useless if you cannot definitively answer the following:

What? – What are you writing about? The most obvious of the questions, you want to brainstorm and define what material you can build upon to develop a quality content marketing piece.

So What? – Why are you writing about said topic? Check yourself – Are you writing for the benefit of the client or to boost your own ego?

Now What? – How are you going to use the content to generate results? What do you want the client to do after reading your content?

  1. Implement the Rule of Seven into your content strategy.

Research claims that it takes seven interactions before something sticks with a prospective client. As Marketers, we want prospective clients to be familiar with our name and brand because familiarity equals comfort. Comfort is an advantageous trait when prospective clients are making decisions.

  1. Use data and analytics to turn your content into actionable results.

The whole point of content marketing is to facilitate leads and in turn generate sales. In order to be effective, we need to consistently collect data and analyze our results. Through feedback, we can refine our content and better connect with the needs of potential clients.

If there is one thing to remember with content marketing, it is to STAY TOP OF MIND with your target audience – connecting with them on a human level while providing solutions to their “pain points.” Remember it’s all about listening and solving, not telling and selling.

Danielle received such positive feedback from her webinar, the Research Triangle Chapter has invited her to present in-person at one of our 2018-2019 programs.  Keep an eye out for what is sure to be an informative and engaging program.


Danielle Gray: DG Marketing Company,

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Venue Host: O’Brien Atkins Associates,

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By: Kelley Simons, Nikki Ricketson, and Kim Fowler

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