May Coordinators’ Club Recap: Know Your Spark

SMPS May Coordinators’ Club: Know Your Spark

Allie Balling (President & Path Blazer) and Irene Pappas (Public Relations Specialist & Path Blazer) of Allieway Marketing led our Coordinators’ Club group on an interactive adventure on building our personal brand and discovering our own uniqueness or SPARK!
Allie and Irene kicked off the program with a strong statement – Personal Branding is a Marketing Strategy Focused On Your Most Important Product: YOU!

Each and every one of us is built with unique talents and strengths that we bring to the table albeit our work life or personal life. As marketers in the AEC industry, we can list all the many reasons a client should hire our firm for a specific project or teaming arrangement. Most of us can do it in our sleep. The question asked during “Know Your Spark” was can we develop a personal brand statement for ourselves that we can as easily tell others as we do our firm benefits.

Allie and Irene charged us with finding our unique promise and writing down our personal brand statement. How do we create our own brand statement to succinctly say who we are, what we do, what our passion is and does it successfully say who we are? What is our promise to ourselves to make sure we are showing our true self and true worth?
We started the exercise creating our Value Promise by answering four questions:

1. What is your essence factor, the core of who you are? “I know I am in my element when….”
2. What three or four keywords describe your essential qualities quickly and clearly?
3. What is your authority factor, the knowledge that you hold and the skills that you possess? “People recognize my expertise in…”
4. What is your superstar factor, the qualities that set you apart? (This factor is how you get things done or what you’re known for.) “People comment on my ability to….”

This may seem simple to do, but most of us in the room struggled with what to say or how to present our own brand. Do we co-mingle our personal life with our work life? Are our personal brands in the office and outside the office the same? AEC marketers are known to be driven, organized, detail-oriented, multi-taskers, creative, analytical…. the list goes on! When talking about ourselves and how others see us, we were at a loss of words. This was a fun, engaging exercise that got the group talking and laughing.

While working on our personal brand statements, we looked at the Magnolia story/brand aka Chip and Joanna Gaines. From real estate to interior design and construction to home décor to HGTV to restaurants to a collection at Target, Chip and Joanna have built a brand that everyone knows and loves. It was interesting to see how Chip and Joanna weave their personal brand with their professional brand.

We ended the program listening to a few attendees’ personal brand statements. And, all I have to say is WOW! We have some AMAZING and TALENTED marketers in the Triangle reason! One of the many reasons I love going to SMPS events!

Post authored by Danielle Davis – Marketing Manager – SfL+a Architects 

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