Program Recap: Half Day AEC Marketing Tune Up

Wednesday, April 15th wasn’t just tax day. Instead of standing in line at the post office, SMPS members took advantage of a half day workshop to tune up their marketing plans with Tim Asimos, Vice President and Director of Digital Innovation at circle S studio, a Richmond-based strategic marketing and digital design agency.

Tim’s strengths include web development, content strategy, social media marketing, blogging, email marketing and marketing automation. His years of real-world AEC experience paired with his current Circle S Studio portfolio means he really gets us!

Tim’s unique approach gave attendees an opportunity to evaluate their own marketing strategy. After presenting best practices in each category, attendees were challenged with the “Stop-Start-Fix-Continue” exercise. This meant brainstorming with others at their table, and then sharing the following when it comes to marketing strategy practices:

What should their firm STOP doing?

  • What should their firm START doing?
  • What’s in need of FIXING?
  • What should they CONTINUE?

One of his most interesting observations was that “The Proposal” rules, but sometimes at the expense of other marketing activities. The message? Don’t let this happen! We should all keep the big picture in mind and keeping our content, website and other client-centric materials fresh and useful.  To paraphrase JFK, ask not what can I do for a proposal, but rather, ask what can I do to create content driven marketing and a useful/well designed website!

Reviews came in this week and they were stellar:

“Tim’s distinguishing factor is his having worked in the A/E/C industry, blended with his circle S experience. He gets us while bringing other experience to the table at the same time. I was very impressed with his real world tips on how to start a new initiative and what to consider/evaluate/plan for when assessing new and existing activities,” said one member.

“Exceptional program; one of the best I have attended since 2001! So engaging and I feel so motivated. He also really understands what we do and is a great resource for our industry! Please bring Tim back!”

So for those who missed him this time, you may get another chance!

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