September Program Recap | Confessions of a Content Whisperer: Cracking the Code to Extracting Data from Your Technical Team

We thoroughly enjoyed having Danielle Gray, Content Marketing Strategist, as the Speaker for our Research Triangle 2018-2019 Kick-off Program! She was engaging, funny, and provided practical tips and tricks for extracting data from technical professionals. Here is a little insight into some of the many takeways we gleaned from her session:

Content generation, whether for a proposal, presentation or social media posts , is something marketers are tasked with every day. But obtaining information from our technical teams in order to create relevant content can be tricky, or, if we’re being honest, downright painful and exhausting. In SMPS’s September program, Danielle Gray shared valuable insight into how to successfully extract information from technical personnel for content creation.

It all starts with understanding people. Danielle identified several different personas common in the workplace. We all know a “Timmy Too Busy” or a “Neil Knows it All.” Hopefully most of us have a “Sampson The Champion” to advocate for us. And, of course, every office has a “Betty Too Ready” and a “Kara Don’t Care(a).”

Once we understand these different personalities, we can use one of the following five methods to extract information:

  1. One-on-one interviews. Timmy Too Busy doesn’t have time for a formal meeting, but is happy to talk on the phone while he drives to the airport.
  2. Content-focused meetings. These brainstorming sessions are great for coming up with multiple topics.
  3. Project proposal meetings. Mandatory meetings are a great way to get information out of people that wouldn’t normally volunteer their time.
  4. Trade publications. Research what’s going on in the industry and put your own company’s spin on it.
  5. Content workshops. An intensive session (preferably involving food) with several different perspectives can generate a year’s worth of content ideas.

Marketers are constantly focused on communicating externally, but considering our internal audience and learning how to communicate with the different personality types on our team is the first step to successfully generating quality content.


Blog Post Written By: Melanie Rose, Marketing Coordinator | LS3P


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