SMPS October Coordinators Club Blog Post | Client Experience (Cx) Playbook – Leading the Cx from Your Place in the Organization

Client Experience (Cx) Playbook – Leading the Cx from Your Place in the Organization

Accomplished leader and speaker Heather Denny from Wells Global opened this month’s SMPS Triangle Coordinators Club with the question, “Whose responsibility is the client experience?” This set the tone for a very informative and engaging session and showed the group of marketing professionals why she was a logical choice to lead this discussion. The resounding answer she shared was, “Everyone!”

For many this statement came as a surprise, since most employees may think their firm partners or business development manager are the key individuals who are responsible for making sure our clients stay happy and continue giving us work. Heather focused the rest of her discussion on sharing her stories and knowledge on this very important part of the A/E/C world and showed the room of eager listeners how we each can play a role in developing and nurturing client relationships.

Heather stressed the the importance of creating a client experience playbook. The playbook provides your employees with a guide that sets expectations for all employees to treat clients right. She reminded us that the client experience starts the minute the receptionist answers the phone, or a client is greeted as they walk in the door. She challenged us to think about our own daily interactions with fellow employees and how if you are dismissed by a colleague if they are having a bad day how that makes you feel. Learn to be present and engaged and that will in turn make your firm be known as one where your clients feel appreciated and respected.

Another focus of her presentation was on the value of client surveys and how they should be utilized from the start of a project not just at the end. This allows you to have multiple touch points with your client and be aware of project issues before they become major problems. She shared stories where having this early knowledge of potential problems spurred her to reconfigure project teams to allow for better working relationships and ultimately a happier client.

Overall this was a very engaging session with many attendees posing questions that allowed for a lively discussion. We all came away with many great ideas, and for many of us, how we can start our own client experience playbook discussion within our own firms.



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