Member Spotlight

Theresa M. Leahey
Director of Business Development
Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

Theresa grew up in New Jersey and argues they have the best tomatoes anywhere in the U.S., not to mention some of the best pizza!  She loves that the people in her home state are very straight forward, letting you know where you stand.

With 35 years of experience in the A/E/C industry, Theresa provides a wealth of knowledge to SMPS.  After graduating from college, she joined a commercial interior design firm and transitioned to business development shortly after.  Joining SMPS in 1984, Theresa was the founding president of the Pittsburgh chapter and has spoken at several chapter and regional meetings and served on a national committee.  She attended several national SMPS conferences which helped her to grow her network.

She encourages all new professionals to the industry to be a sponge and ask lots of questions, reminding that there are no “dumb” questions.  Be resourceful, take chances, and always be professional!

Theresa spends her free time gardening, quilting, and sampling IPAs from across the country.  A fun fact about Theresa: during a summer in college, she worked for the Alaska Pipeline in Anchorage!