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The redesign of your firm’s website can be daunting. How do you select a design agency? How much should you budget? How much time do you need from start to launch? Who from your firm should be involved?  Account Manager, Karen James, and Senior Developer, Ryan Keefer, of Clean Design were able to answer all of these questions at our April Coordinators Club.  Below are some key take-aways:

Ask what your website is currently doing for you.  You want your website to create the right first impression.  Does it accurately reflect your firm’s brand and mission?

Ask why you need a new website.  There are many reasons that a new website may be needed.  Perhaps your brand has evolved, business has changed, or there is new technology that can better reach your audience (think mobile-friendly).

There is no magic bullet.  If you want your website to stand out and be unique from your competitors, stay away from templates.  Instead, invest the time and money in a design that is custom to your brand.  Your firm isn’t like any other, why should your website be?

Plan ahead. Websites are a bigger undertaking than most think. It’s important to understand what you want and how you will get there before taking the leap.

  • Don’t cut corners. You may be tempted to go with the website that you need and can afford right now, but’s important to invest in a design that is forward-thinking and built for the future. You will be saving money in the long-run.
  • Assign roles. Who will manage and own the project? Who are the decision makers? Who will assume ongoing responsibility for site? Know this.
  • Determine timing. It takes more time than you’d think to gather and write content. Plan accordingly. Tip: You can save money by writing your own content.
  • Determine what you need and what you want. What are the biggest problems with your current website? What do you like about other websites; write down specifics.  How do you want your site to be used?  Most of all —PRIORITIZE!

Finding the right partner.  Make sure you are looking for a partner, not a vendor. Just as we strive to find the right teaming partners when designing a building, we should look for a web design firm who “fits” our team and company.  Ask your peers who they use.  Get references.  Send out a Request for Proposal (RFP). Tip: Only send an RFP to a few 3 or 4 firms, not 10!


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